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ZL025041 Cognex 1741 Wafer ID Reader

ZL025041 Cognex 1741 Wafer ID Reader

ZL025041Cognex 1741 Wafer ID Reader

Wafer ID Reader



  • OCR model: Cognex 1741
  • Excellent reading performance

-Advanced light source system

-Extensively validated reading algorithm

-Image enhancement filter

-Faster reading speed

  • Highly easy-to-use and fully self-operated

-Optimize settings by yourself

-Self-learning settings

-Record the complete reading history

-Unparalleled flexibility and ease of integration

  • Mark type:

-SEMI M12/M13/M1.15
-SEMI T1.95
- OCR fonts: SEMI FONT (straight, concave and convex), NON SEMI FONTS
-2D codes: ECC200, T7 Data Matrix, QR Code and M1.15
-Barcodes:BC412,IBM412/IBM & SEMI T1-95/ Base 35"

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