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ZL102001 High-speed Ellipsometer
  • ZL102001 High-speed Ellipsometer

    ZL102001 Ellipsometer  High-speed Ellipsometer



    It is made of high-density integrated polarizer with photonic crystal array, abandoning the previous rotating polarizer mechanism.
    Using ellipsometry measurements to calculate the polarization information of reflected rays into film thickness and refractive index, no complex rotating filter is required to operate.
    The high-density integrated polarizing filter made of photonic crystal array does not need to use optical rotation technology, which can realize high-speed measurement and save equipment maintenance costs.



    Multiple film thickness measurement functions of single point, line and surface

    Point: At a rate of 70 fps, real-time measurement and observation of successively changing film thickness data.

    Line  :  100 points of film thickness data can be obtained at 0.2mm intervals within 5sec.

    Surface: More than 10,000 points of data are measured within 1 minute by scanning a 2mmx 10mm area.

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