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ZL044073 VII PL
  • ZL044073 VII PL

    ZL044073 VII PL


    • Dimensions Length

    -11560mm * Width 4600mm * Height 3000mm (300R Static Box)

    • Material specifications

    -Feed box type, compatible with 7/13 inch material tray/Foup/vacuum packaging/Tray packaging/PCBA semi-finished products

    • Bin specifications

    -Length 800mm * width 600mm * height 120mm (material height up to 280mm)

    • Storage capacity

    -48000 rolls (7 inch 8mm) Save/fetch time 30-55s/carton power supply 3ψ 380V 50Hz ESD protection

    1. Anti-static treatment material storage position, surface resistance value 106-1011Ω

    2. The external structure of the equipment is grounded and the power supply of the equipment is grounded

    • Temperature and humidity monitoring

    1. Monitoring range: temperature -40~100°C, humidity 0~100%RH

    2. Monitoring accuracy: temperature± 0.5°C, humidity±5%RH

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