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ZL045074 Inline X-Ray Dispenser

ZL045074 Inline X-Ray Dispenser

  • Dimensions Length

-3000mm * width 1230mm * height 1900mm (excluding three-color lamp size)

  • Job time

-14 sec/disc (7 inch 8mm)

  • The type of material

-7”-15”(3-80mm) 0201 type, 0402 type, 0603 type, 0805 type, 01005 type, etc

  • Device accuracy


  • Amount of radiation

-<1μ SV/Hour power supply 1ψ 220V 50Hz

  • Data output

1. Support SPC statistical report of any format

2. Picture data is automatically saved

  • ESD protection

1. Anti-static treatment material, surface resistance value 106-1011Ω

2. The external structure of the equipment is grounded, and the power supply of the equipment is grounded

  • Matching

1. Fixed position labeling

2. The label information is a quantity label

3. Feeding method: cart type automatic induction feeding (with 4 pallets, single pallets)

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