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ZLZYMB3000S102 Non-interventional Material Homogenizer
  • ZLZYMB3000S102 Non-interventional Material Homogenizer

    Product Introduction

    Uses: mixing industrial adhesives, metal or non-metal slurry
    Applicable: Brand: DuPont, Heraeus, Flow, etc.
    Configuration: double cup (actual maximum stirring capacity: 2Kg*2), planetary stirring
    Setting: multi-segment parameter group, 0-5 groups (can be set)
    Operation: touch screen; protection: door cover, vibration, overload
    Revolution: 150-1000RPM; Rotation: 150-1000RPM, both are the actual speed of the motor
    Power supply: single phase, AC220V, 50Hz; power: 2KW
    Net weight: about 140 kg
    Specifications: L650*W650*H800mm
    Standard configuration: two sets of ferrule-type fixtures (4 pieces in total), 1 set of counterweight
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