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ZLZYTR50096 Three Roll Mill
  • ZLZYTR50096 Three Roll Mill

    Product Introduction

    Porcelain roller material: zirconia/alumina/silicon carbide/silicon nitride, nano-scale imported raw material ceramic roller
    Porcelain roller specifications: diameter: 50mm; length: 150mm
    Porcelain roller precision: concentricity/straightness <2μm, surface flatness <0.3μm
    Speed ​​ratio: The speed ratio is 1:2:4
    Porcelain roller spacing: 5-140 microns
    Porcelain roller speed: 0-500RPM (discharge roller ** speed per minute)
    Power configuration: DC motor, stable torque, convenient and safe
    The motor and governor are 120W DC motor and knob governor
    Operation features: the gap adjustment is unilateral operation, and the porcelain roller moves in parallel, which is convenient and quick
    Size: about L340mm*W190mm*H260mm
    Power: 120W, 220V input voltage
    Weight: net weight about 20 kg; gross weight about 25 kg


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