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ZL041070 II PL

ZL041070 II PL

  • Dimensions Length

-7150~12200mm * width 2130mm * height 2800mm

  • Material specifications


  • Storage capacity

-6000~14400 discs/set (7"8mm calculation) Access time 12-20 seconds/disc

  • Industrial computers

-Advantech AIMB-501G2(Intel i5-2400/4G/500GB)

  • Scan code module

-Basler Aca3800-10GM+ ComputarM1620-MPW2

  • Power supply 3ψ220V 50Hz ESD protection

1. Anti-static treatment material storage position, surface resistance value 106-1011Ω

2. The external structure of the equipment is grounded, and the internal power supply of the equipment is grounded

  • Temperature and humidity monitoring

1. Monitoring range: temperature -40~100°C, humidity 0~100%RH

2. Monitoring accuracy: temperature± 0.5% °C, humidity ±5%RH

  • Feature configuration

1. Material tray visual identification module

2. Reel deformation monitoring module

3. Uninterruptible power system

4. Temperature and humidity monitoring module

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