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ZLZYMC700VS101 Non-interventional Material Homogenizer

ZLZYMC700VS101 Non-interventional Material Homogenizer

Product Information

Capacity: 0.02-60L/hour
Ceramic roller material: Al 2 O 3 /ZrO 2 /SiC/Si 3 N 4 (imported nanoscale ceramic roller)
Porcelain roller specifications: Porcelain roller diameter: 120mm; Porcelain roller length: 450mm
Porcelain roller precision: the concentricity/straightness of the roller is less than 2 microns, and the surface flatness is less than 0.3 microns
Speed ​​ratio: The speed ratio is 1:2.7:7.2
Porcelain roller spacing: 5-140 microns
Porcelain roller speed: 0-500RPM (discharge roller ** speed per minute)
Power configuration: servo motor, stable torque, convenient and safe
Blade Material: ZrO₂/Stainless Steel/Polyester
Appearance configuration: cast aluminum shell surface spray treatment or stainless steel shell, beautiful
Plastic baffle, easy to adjust, avoid material leakage; aluminum chassis, easy to move
Sports mode points: automatic mode, cleaning mode
Size: about L1020mm*W820mm*H1000mm
Power: 2KW, 220V/380V optional, 50Hz
Net weight: 350kg 350KG
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