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Wafer Handling System

Automation Equipment

Zi Lian provides EFEM, sorter, packing / unpacking and wafer transfer standard equipment for semiconductor customers, and has sufficient development ability and experience to customize equipment and develop new equipment. It also provides FEM related key components such as robot; Pre-aligner ; Loadport; OCR; RFID reader ..

Zi Lian Automation Equipment


We design, develop and manufacture the Probe Measurement(RS & Leakage) ,Automated Optical Inspection, Metal Film Thickness Measuring(4PP), and other related measurement equipment, and continuously improve products to meet customers' needs of their rapidly changing process technology.

Zi Lian Inspection Metrology

Package Test Equipment

Zi Lian provides frame sorter, Auto Bar Code Sticker, Dispensing system, Chip Counter and other equipment to semiconductor rear packaging test customers.

Zi Lian Package Test Equipment


We provide RFID reader related to Industry 4.0; Real-time data collection and analysis of semiconductor equipment or Robot can effectively predict the repair time of equipment or manipulator in advance.

Zi Lian Industry 4.0

Semicon Equipment

i-Bot Technology sales agent CyberOptics 3D measurement equipment; NBS automatic wafer packaging transfer machine;
Trymax Plasma Descum _ PR stripper system

Zi Lian Semicon Equipment


Zi Lian focuses on the renovation and maintenance of wafer transfer robot / Pre-aligner / controller, mainly serving in semiconductor wafer factories and electronic manufacturers.

Zi Lian Robot Pre-aligner
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