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ZLWX3000032 Cyberoptics

ZLWX3000032 Cyberoptics

ZLWX3000032 Cyberoptics

CyberOptics 3D.2D Inspection & Measurement



  • Metrology-Grade Accuracy with MRS Technology

  -Sub-micrometer accuracy for features as small as 25 µm

  -Accurately inspect shiny or mirror-like surfaces.

  -Attain repeatable and reproducible measurements

  • Fast, Superior Inspection Performance

  -Increase throughput with the MRS sensor that is 2-3X faster than

   alternate technologies, delivering greater than 25 wafers

   (300mm) per hour.

  -Attain 3D and 2D measurements in one pass versus multiple

    separate scans.

  -Conduct 100% 3D and 2D metrology and inspection versus

    sampling-only methods.

  • Versatility for Wafer-Level and Advanced Packaging Applications

  -Measure and inspect a wide range of semiconductor applications

    including gold bumps, solder balls and bumps, wafer bumps,

    copper pillars and other wafer-level and advanced packaging


  -Measure and inspect critical packaging features including bump

    height, coplanarity, diameter and shape, relative location and

    variety of other measurements."

  -The 3-micron Nano Resolution (X/Y resolution of 3micron, Z

   resolution of 50 nanometer)

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