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About Us

Founded in 2014, Zi Lian is well-recognized as one of Malaysia’s top leading machinery suppliers specializing in the delivery of high-quality industrial machine.


At Zi Lian, we offer a wide range of machines that sourced from only the world's leading manufacturers to ensure all your machinery requirements are covered for every application in various industries.


Rest assured also that all of our products are also offered at fair prices. Browse our complete catalog of high precision machines today to find the products you need for all your applications!


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A Renowned Distributor Of Automated Semiconductor Wafer Sorters In Malaysia Since 2014

Zi Lian is a well-established wafer sorter supplier in Malaysia, known for providing high-quality products sourced from leading brands. They offer a comprehensive range of industrial machinery and automated systems to cater to various applications.


With their expertise and 7 years of industry experience, Zi Lian is committed to offering expert advice and ensuring smooth operations for their customers. Their excellent reputation as the best industrial machine supplier in Malaysia is a testament to their dedication and customer satisfaction.


Contact Zi Lian for tailored solutions that meet your specific industrial requirements.


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Services Provided

Zero Limit

Zi Lian What We Do



Repair and Machine Service,

Repair Power Supply, PCB Board, Motor, Machine troubleshooting.


Obsolete parts,

Equipment modify to PLC base, Consumer replacement, Optical Lens,  Ball mount machine white cloth.


Reverse Engineering PCB and Mechanical, custom-made machine, drive train.


Machine Major Refurbish,

Process kit Machine, GenMark Robot, Machine back to basic condition.

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