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Packaging Material

Connecting the "Core" World

Zi Lian Core
Zi Lian Core
Zi Lian Core
Zi Lian Core
Zi Lian Core

Solder Balls / Paste

With the development of flip-chip technology, α particles-induced soft errors have gradually increased. Under current packaging technologies and conditions, the use of low-α solder is a cost-effective measure to reduce the incidence of soft errors. The LA tin-based solder products developed by our company are prepared with low-α raw materials, which can effectively reduce the incidence of soft errors.
       We have the XIA UltraLo-1800 ultra-low background α counter, which can quickly detect the emission level of α particles.

Low α rating
Low class α(LA) (<0.01cph/cm2)

Very low class α(ULA) (<0.002 cph/cm2)

Ultra-low class α (SULA)(<0.001 cph/cm2)

Zi Lian Solder Balls/ Paste

CCGA Welding Post

This series of products solves the problem of thermal expansion coefficient mismatch in the application of large-size ceramic chips, improves the reliability of solder joints, and is currently widely used in aerospace, military and large servers. The main advantages of this product are dimensional accuracy control and end face roundness, flatness and welding ability.

Zi Lian CCGA Welding Post

CCGA Welding Post

Structure: Copper braided welding column is made of 4 groups of double-stranded copper wires on the front and back and braided on the outside of the column core (a total of 16 copper wires)
Column core material:Sn20Pb80

Outer material:Sn63Pb37

Copper wire diameter:0.038mm

Overall dimensions:Φ0.50mm × 2.38mm(Tolerance±0.05mm)

Zi Lian CCGA Welding Post
Zi Lian CCGA Welding Post
Zi Lian CCGA Welding Post

Copper Core Balls/Copper Balls

       This product is an excellent solution for POP stack packaging due to its ability to achieve stable package space, and this product can be used in the field of narrow pitch packaging. The company also provides bare copper ball products of various specifications.

  • Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity

  • Stable package space

  • Low electromigration

Zi Lian Copper Core Balls / Copper Balls
Zi Lian Copper Core Balls / Copper Balls
Zi Lian Copper Core Balls / Copper Balls

Nano Ag-Cu Solder Paste

        At present, our company has developed nano Ag-Cu supersolid solution alloy, which has stronger oxidation resistance, and the same new generation of nano Ag-Cu supersolid solution alloy adopts bimetal, which reduces the amount of silver and reduces costs compared to nano silver. The solder paste prepared by a new generation of nano-Ag-Cu supersolid solution alloy not only overcomes the problem of high cost of traditional nano-silver and the problem of easy oxidation of nano-copper, but also solves the problem of mixing and storage of nano-copper-silver mechanical hybrid solder paste, and has a wider range of applications.

  • Realize low-temperature welding and high-temperature service★

  • The bonding strength of the current sintering process exceeds that of nano-silver paste

  • Reduce the proportion of precious metals and reduce costs

  • Inhibition of electrochemical migration of Ag is 5 times that of nano-silver paste★

  • Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity

Ag-Cu supersolid solution nanoparticles have better oxidation resistance and chemical composition stability than Ag@Cu nanoparticles

Zi Lian Nano Ag-Cu Solder Paste

Strengthens Structural Paste

This product is a homogeneous blend of proprietary flux paste, alloy powder and nanometal powder. The use process of nanometal and solder powder forms composite filler, which improves the thermodynamic and mechanical properties of the solder joint due to the dispersion strengthening of the nano-second phase particles. At the same time, a high-performance thixotropic agent is added to the system, which has superior rheological characteristics, is suitable for surface mount processes, and can also be used for spot coating in addition to printing processes.
       This product meets EU RoHS 2.0 and halogen-free requirements and supports no-clean.


Multiple rewelding without collapse;

High stability after molding;

Can withstand short-term high temperature shock

Patent No. 201910855450.1

Zi Lian Strenghtens Structural Paste

Strengthens Structural Paste

Zi Lian Strengthens Structural Paste

Load 5g, hold at 300°C for 5 minutes, and the connection does not fail.

Zi Lian Strengthens Structural Paste

Printing Solder Paste

Zi Lian Printing Solder Paste

QW-868 Printing Solder Paste is a continuous printing stable no-wash type solder paste. This product can be applied to electronic components, connectors, integrated circuits and other product connections.
       This product is stable continuous printing, no tailing, no scattering points.

  • Repair

  • Radiator

  • IC

  • Electronic components

Zi Lian Printing Solder Paste
Zi Lian Printing Solder Paste

Low Temperature Series Products

Low-temperature solder metal includes low-temperature solder balls, low-temperature solder paste, low-temperature solid core tin wire, and low-temperature rosin core tin wire. In the case of low-temperature bismuth tin-bismuth paste, the soldering process is the same as that of standard electronic assembly technology using surface mount technology (SMT), and the operating temperature of low-temperature bismuth tin bismuth paste is 70°C lower than that of traditional filler metal, only 180°C. Since the soldering temperature of low-temperature tin-bismuth solder paste drops from 250 °C to 180 °C, the thermal stress in the soldering process is reduced, and the warpage of the printed circuit board is effectively reduced.

Zi Lian Low Temperature Series Product
Zi Lian Low Temperature Series Product

Highlight Products

Redevelopment of traditional products to facilitate new process manufacturing

Low temperature connection scheme
Connecting the industry of the future

Through years of technology research and development, the company adopts unique molding technology to break through the low-temperature tin-bismuth solder wire forming process of rosin core. This process overcomes the problem of brittleness of tin bismuth tin wire and provides a solution for tin bismuth tin wire in batch automation applications

Laser welding special

Pre-coating technology refers to the presetting of flux such as rosin on the surface of traditional solder products such as solder balls and solder wires, so as to eliminate the flux/paste process during use, achieve process optimization, and reduce the occurrence of defects such as tin beads and frying tin. At present, it is mainly used in laser welding, manual welding and other scenarios.

Zi Lian Highlight Products
Zi Lian Highlight Products

Product Form

BGA solder balls
Low alpha tin ball
Copper core ball
Copper balls
Low temperature solder balls
High lead tin balls

Nano copper

Silver solder paste
Printing solder paste

Ordinary tin pillars
Copper clad strip soldering column
Micro spring coils
Copper pillars
Braided copper pillar New

Low temperature tin wire
Low temperature rosin core tin wire
Lead-free tin wire
There is lead tin wire

Pre-coated solder lugs
High cleanliness solder lugs
Photovoltaic welding strip
Shaped solder lugs
Ring solder lug

Low temperature solder paste
Solder paste
Lead-free solder paste
There is lead solder paste
Reinforced structural solder paste New

Zi Lian Solder Balls
Zi Lian Nano Copper
Zi Lian Ordinary Tin Pillars
Zi Lian Low Temperature Tin Wire
Zi Lian Solder Lugs
Zi Lian Low Temperature Solder Paste
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